Aug 282015

On Wednesday night, members of Mount Bethel, Community and Mt. Horeb Fire Companies participated in the collective Warren Twp. Fire Department drill. The topic of training was Stand-pipe operations – something that we don’t routinely get access to. A property owner in town was kind enough to arrange for access to their facility after hours and use it for training purposes. We deployed Mount Horeb’s Engine 61-2 to feed the stand-pipe while two mixed fire company teams were deployed into subdivision-2 (two stories below grade parking deck) and deployed two hand-lines into operations. The “charlie team” deployed and flowed water out the deck while the “alpha team” deployed to above floor (simulating operating below the fire level) and flowed water out of the deck as well. The opportunity to operate a non-simulated stand-pipe setup is an excellent opportunity and we all learned something from the drill!


Jan 252015

Just a friendly reminder to all the residents of Warren to please help us by ensuring that your nearby fire hydrant has been shoveled out. Being able to locate and quick utilize fire hydrants is crtical for operations. So while we’re out running fire calls, please please please go outside and shovel out your neighborhood fire hydrant.

Nov 262014

HazMat 2014

The Mount Bethel Fire Company responded to a reported fuel leak from a vehicle last week. Upon arrival fire units confirmed the leak and requested Somerset County HazMat for assistance. The fire department worked to contain the leaking fuel as shown in the picture using “portable containment pools”. The Somerset County HazMat team assisted with the mitigation of small amount of fuel in the storm drain system.
The owner of the vehicle arrived with a tow company and secured the leak and towed the vehicle in for service.

May 292014

As summer is around us and many of you will be opening your pools for the summer, please take an opportunity to watch this video. It could save a life!


Apr 032014

Fire Department Response Totals for the 1/1/2014 to 3/31/2014 quarter.
Data Source – Fire service software reporting system (NFIRS compliance)

Total calls for period: 126

Mount Bethel Fire Company #1
SQUAD 61            71 responses
RESCUE 61          67 responses
UTILITY 61-1        26 responses
CAR 61-2              39 responses

Mount Horeb Fire Company #2
ENGINE 61-2        21 responses
UTILITY 61-2          5 responses
BRUSH 61               1 response

Community Fire Company #3
ENGINE 61-3        38 responses
UTILITY 61-3        16 responses

Washington Valley Fire Company #4
ENGINE 61-4          3 responses
TOWER 61              2 responses

Warren Township Fire Department
Chief 61                  24 responses
Personal                 24 responses

Apr 022014

On April 2nd, 2014 at approximately 9:10am the Warren Township Fire Department, Police and Atlantic EMS were dispatched to a reported fire in the structure at 140 Mt Bethel Road. Units en-route were advised that one person was unaccounted for. Upon arrival, the missing individual was located and rescue operations were suspended. The fire was contained to it’s area of origin as the result of sprinklers and was effectively suppressed by first due units. Units on scene were: Squad 61, Engine 61-4, Rescue 61, Tower 61, Utility vehicles 61-4 and 61-1. The Watchung Fire Department was also requested to the scene for backup and one engine from Watchung was present. Five people were evaluated and released on scene by the Atlantic EMS.